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Summary of easyJet manuals

Airbus Edition, Version 2.1.1

Jon Hurst

Table of Contents
Change log
1. Authority, Duties and Responsibilities of a Commander
2. Crew composition
3. Qualification and Recency Requirements
4. Crew Health Precautions
5. Flight Time Limitations Scheme
6. Flight preparation instructions
7. Ground Handling Instructions
8. Flight procedures
9. Miscellaneous
10. easyJet Oceanic Operations
11. Winter Operations
List of Tables
4.1. Time of useful consciousness
5.1. UK Flight Crew Maximum Flight Duty
5.2. Cumulative limits
6.1. Low temperature altitude corrections
6.2. Met Visibility to RVR conversion
6.3. Cruise alternate distances
6.4. Standard weights for passengers with hand baggage
6.5. Standard weights for checked baggage
6.6. Standard weights for crew
6.7. Guide weights for other items
7.1. Acceptable restraints for infants and children