Chapter 3
Qualification and Recency

The minimum qualifications to act as a commander are:

  1. A UK ATPL with instrument rating and relevant type rating
  2. Class I medical
  3. ICAO level 4 language proficiency.
  4. Three take-offs and landings in the preceding 90 days. A simulator may be used.
  5. In a simulator, two Cat III approaches including 1 landing and 1 go-around at lowest authorised RVR and one takeoff, also at lowest authorised RVR. This requirement is usually satisfied by the LPC.
  6. 3000 factored hours of which 500 hours must be on a medium or large jet transport.
  7. Successful completion of a Command Course.
  8. Valid ATQP recurrent checks:

    Test/ Training


    Licence Proficiency Check1

    12 months23

    Line Oriented Evaluation 4

    12 months23

    Line check

    24 months23

    Dangerous Goods

    24 months23

    Aviation Security

    12 months2

    Emergency and Safety Equipment Training

    24 months23

    Crew Resource Management

    Three year recurrent
    training cycle

[ eom-a 5 ]

1Incorporates Operator Proficiency Check, Instrument Rating renewal, elements of CRM and elements of Ground and Refresher Training.

2The period of validity starts on the last day of the month in which the training and/or test was completed.

3For renewals, the period of validity can start on the expiry date of the current check. To be considered a renewal, the training and/or test must be completed a maximum of three months before that expiry date.

4Incorporates elements of CRM and Ground and Refresher Training.