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1. Aircraft general

1.1. Dimensions
1.2. Unpressurised areas
1.3. Misc
1.4. Lighting

1.1. Dimensions

Table 1. Aircraft dimensions
Max range3000nm
Min pavement width for 180° turn20.5m
Turn extremityWing tip

1.2. Unpressurised areas

The radome, air conditioning compartment, main gear bay, nose gear bay and tail cone are unpressurised

1.3. Misc

3 cargo compartments - forward, aft and bulk.

1.4. Lighting

The dome light is the only cockpit lighting with battery protection. The dim position is therefore recommended for takeoff.

The sliding potentiometers under the FCU control FCU lighting. The left controls integral lighting of labels, knobs and switches. The right controls the FCU display brightness.

If the strobe lights are set to AUTO, they will come on automatically at lift off. There are two sets of navigation lights, and the NAV light switch has a seperate position for each.

The AUTO position of the NO SMOKING sign puts the no smoking and exit signs on when the gear is extended and off when it is retracted. No smoking signs are always on on easyJet aircraft.

The "No Smoking", "Fasten Seat Belt", "Return to seat" and "Exit" lights automatically come on with excessive cabin altitude.

The EMER EXIT LT switch has OFF, ON and ARM positions. In the ARM position (the normal setting), the escape path lighting, EXIT signs and overhead emergency lighting come on automatically when normal electric supply is lost.

Taxi lights, takeoff lights and runway turnoff lights extinguish automatically when the landing gear is retracted.

Extension of the landing lights gives a LDG LT memo on the E/WD.