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18. Oxygen

Both crew and passenger oxygen systems are pretty much identical to the Boeing. They are contolled by the OXYGEN panel located on the overhead panel. The system is monitored on the ECAM DOOR page.

Passenger oxygen automatically deploys when cabin altitude>14,000ft. It can also be manually released by the gaurded button on the OXYGEN panel. The PASSENGER SYS ON light illuminates when masks are deployed. There are approximately 13 minutes of passenger oxygen available.

The OXY legend on this page is amber until the crew oxygen supply is turned on. A half amber box is displayed underneath the unregulated oxygen pressure on this page when it is below 1500psi. This indicates that the MIN FLT CREW OXY CHART should be checked before flight.

If the amber REGUL LO PR is displayed, the oxygen pressure at the regulator is low, and maintenance should be called.

The mask microphone is automatically energised when oxygen is flowing, either when being worn or when the test and emergency buttons are pushed together.{TODO: This is only inferred - check it is true}